Message Trace Improvements


Message trace is a vital utility in identifying any issues with sent and received emails for an email administrator. In Exchange Online, message trace is available in Exchange Admin Center under Mail Flow.  Message logs for last 7 days are readily available in Exchange Admin Center. Moving forward, message trace will be available in Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. There are few Message Trace Improvements located in Office 365 Security and Compliance Center.

What’s New

  • The readily available on-screen message trace logs have been extended to 10 days, which was 7 days earlier. If you choose a time range of more than 10 days, you’ll only be able to view the results in a downloadable CSV file.
  • New Interface with all your queries, extended message trace requests, and downloadable reports on a single page.

It looks like Microsoft wants the Office 365 admins to start using the new Message Trace from the new location as it can be seen that no detailed information is available at old Message trace location as it used to be.

New Message Trace View

New message trace view will show you options like

  • Default queries: (5 predefined queries are available with options such as Sent, Received, Pending, Quarantined and Failed)
  • Custom queries: (Queries created and saved by admins in your organization)
  • Autosaved queries: (Last 10 queries that were run but not saved manually)
  • Downloadable reports: (Downloadable message trace reports (completed and pending))

In addition to this, we also get options to choose report type. Report type options available are

Summary Report: The message trace results which are readily available on the screen.

Enhanced Summary report: Downloaded copy of the summary report. This report can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Extended report: Gives the detailed information such as Originating IP, Network ID, etc. This report can be downloaded as a CSV file.


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